Swift Action Following Our MAAP Report Halts Illegal Mining in Ecuadorian Amazon

Earlier this month, we worked with our in-country partner EcoCiencia to document the rapid illegal mining expansion threatening the Ecuadorian Amazon.  With our satellite-based tools, we were able to identify the mining in real-time, and report it to local authorities, media, and the general public. Days after we launched the report, both the government and […]

MAAP #137: New Illegal Gold Mining Hotspot In Peruvian Amazon – Pariamanu

In 2019, the Peruvian government launched Operation Mercury to confront the illegal gold mining crisis in the southern Amazonian area known as La Pampa (Madre de Dios region).As a result, deforestation decreased 90% in this critical area (MAAP# 130). Some illegal gold mining, however, has moved to several new hotspots (Image 1), although at much lower levels. The […]

MAAP #138: As Brazil Negotiates With World, Amazon Deforestation Continues In 2021

Brazil is currently in high-profile negotiations with countries such as the United States and Norway for international compensation in exchange for improved action to address Amazon deforestation.* While this may be a positive development diplomatically, on the ground extensive deforestation continues. We recently reported that, in 2020, Brazil had the sixth-highest primary forest loss on record (1.5 million […]

MAAP #134: Agriculture And Deforestation In The Peruvian Amazon

For the first time, Peru has a detailed National Agricultural Area Map. This unique map, produced with high-resolution satellite imagery, was published by the Peruvian Ministry of Agrarian Development (MIDAGRI) in January.* This map reveals that the agricultural area at the national level is 11.6 million hectares, as of 2018. Here, we analyze this new information […]

MAAP #133: Deforestation Continues In National Parks Of Colombian Amazon

As we have indicated in previous reports (MAAP #120), there is an “arc of deforestation” in the northwest Colombian Amazon, impacting numerous protected areas and indigenous reserves. Here, we emphasize that this deforestation currently impacts four National Parks: Tinigua, Macarena, Chiribiquete and La Paya. In the Base Map, the red circles indicate the areas most impacted by recent deforestation within […]

MAAP #132: Amazon Deforestation Hotspots 2020

We present a first look at the major hotspots of primary forest loss across the Amazon in 2020 (see Base Map).* There are several major headlines: We estimate over 2 million hectares (5 million acres) of primary forest loss across the nine countries of the Amazon in 2020.* The countries with the highest 2020 primary forest loss are 1) Brazil, 2) Bolivia, 3) […]

MAAP #131: Power Of Free High-resolution Satellite Imagery From Norway Agreement

This report demonstrates the powerful application of freely available, high-resolution satellite imagery recently made possible thanks to an agreement between the Government of Norway and several satellite companies.* This unprecedented agreement will bring commercial satellite technology, previously out of reach to many, to all working in tropical forest conservation around the world. Here we show how MAAP (an initiative of […]

20 for 20: Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP) Established

Andean forests faced escalating threats from illegal gold mining, illegal logging, illegal drug plantations, unsustainable agriculture, cattle pasture, and road construction, and new tactics were needed to address the problems. In response, Amazon Conservation and Conservación Amazónica – ACCA developed MAAP – Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project to provide real-time satellite monitoring deforestation reports.  […]

MAAP #130: Illegal Gold Mining Down 78% In Peruvian Amazon, But Still Threatens Key Areas

As part of USAID’s Prevent Project (dedicated to combating environmental crimes in the Amazon), we conducted an updated analysis of illegal gold mining deforestation in the southern Peruvian Amazon.In early 2019, the Peruvian government launched Operation Mercury, an unprecedented crackdown on the rampant illegal gold mining in the region.The Operation initially targeted an area known as La Pampa, the epicenter of the […]