Examining Peru’s Gold-Mining Conflict

Back in February 2010, the government of Peru issued an emergency decree to impose stricter environmental regulations on gold mining. The decree put a hold on approval of new mining claims in Madre de Dios, added controls over where mining is permitted, and prohibited river dredging. The Mining Federation of Madre de Dios (FEDEMIN), afraid […]

Camanti: Turning a Former Mining Hotspot in Peru into a Recognized Conservation Area 

In 2019, we reported record high levels of gold mining deforestation in the southern Peruvian Amazon, with the Camanti area in the Cusco region representing one of the top three most threatened areas after La Pampa and Upper Malinowski. But this past week the protected area was officially established as the Camanti Sostenible Conservation Concession, […]

Radar Monitoring, the Newest Ally in the Fight Against Illegal Gold Mining

 With the ability to see through the dense layers of clouds that are a hallmark of the rainforest, track illegal gold mining, and send deforestation alerts throughout the year, RAMI is the most recent ally in the fight against illegal gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon. A newly developed geospatial technology tool, RAMI (Radar Mining […]

Patrolling From Space: Empowering the Peruvian Government and Local Communities to Stop Illegal Deforestation

2020 marked an important 5-year milestone in our partnership with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) to build government and community capacity for real-time deforestation monitoring and to combat illegal deforestation in Peru. Building on the trust and expertise we established over our 20-year history, we helped the forest service, prosecutors, and police agencies […]

Preserving Agrobiodiversity and Ancestral Farming Practices in Peru

We helped establish two new protected areas to safeguard nearly 50,000 acres from deforestation and unsustainable development in one of the most biodiverse areas in the Peruvian Amazon. Señor de la Cumbre now protects 7,800 acres of forest in Madre de Dios, an area heavily affected by deforestation from illegal gold mining. The second supports […]

Tracking Gold Mining With New Radar-Based Satellite Monitoring Tool

This past month we launched our Radar Mining Monitoring Tool (RAMI), which is a new satellite monitoring tool that incorporates radar technology. Traditional satellite monitoring is effective in tracking deforestation but is limited by cloud cover. This new tool will help us more effectively monitor and combat illegal gold mining in real-time, as radar allows […]

MAAP #134: Agriculture And Deforestation In The Peruvian Amazon

For the first time, Peru has a detailed National Agricultural Area Map. This unique map, produced with high-resolution satellite imagery, was published by the Peruvian Ministry of Agrarian Development (MIDAGRI) in January.* This map reveals that the agricultural area at the national level is 11.6 million hectares, as of 2018. Here, we analyze this new information […]

MAAP #126: Drones and Legal Action in the Peruvian Amazon

The southern Peruvian Amazon (Madre de Dios region), is threatened by illegal mining, logging, and illegal deforestation. In response, an association of forest concessionaires (known as ACOMAT) is implementing a comprehensive monitoring system that links the use of technology (satellites and drones) with legal action. ACOMAT was formed in 2012 and now comprises 15 forestry concessions, covering 440,000 acres (178,000 […]

MAAP #124: Deforestation Hotspots 2020 In The Peruvian Amazon

We have entered the peak deforestation season in the Peruvian Amazon, so it is also a critical time for real-time monitoring (MAAP’s specialty). Here, we highlight the major deforestation events documented so far in 2020 (through August 23). The Base Map shows the current forest loss hotspots, indicated by the colors yellow, orange and red. Below, we present the most urgent deforestation cases, caused […]