MAAP #116: Amazon Gold Mining, Part 2: Brazil

We present the second part of our series on Amazon gold mining, with a focus on the Brazil* Specifically, we focus on mining in indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon. Extractive activities, such as gold mining, are constitutionally not permitted on indigenous lands, but the Bolsonaro administration is advancing a bill (PL 191) that would reverse this. The Base Map indicates […]

MAAP #105: From Satellite To Drone To Legal Action In The Peruvian Amazon

Amazon Conservation, in collaboration with its Peruvian sister organization, is implementing a project aimed at linking cutting-edge technology (satellites and drones) with legal action, in the southern Peruvian Amazon (Madre de Dios region). The project is building a comprehensive deforestation monitoring system with a local group of forestry concessionaires, known as ACOMAT,* who manage over 486,000 acres (see Base […]

Peru’s Operation Mercury, a win for forests: We observed a 92% decrease in deforestation

Earlier this year, the government of Peru launched a multi-sectoral and comprehensive mega-operation aimed at eradicating illegal mining and associated crime in La Pampa, Peru, called Operation Mercury. The operation came about in part after Amazon Conservation, through our real-time monitoring program, provided the Peruvian government with key information on the location of illegal mining camps […]

MAAP #98: Deforestation Hotspots In The Peruvian Amazon, 2018

Thanks to early warning forest loss alerts,* we are able to make an initial assessment of the 2018 deforestation hotspots in the Peruvian Amazon. The Base Map highlights the medium (yellow) to high (red) hotspots. In this context, hotspots are the areas with the highest density of forest loss alerts. Note that the most intense hotspots are concentrated in […]


The Basics 31.4 Million inhabitants Home of Machu Picchu and the old Incan empire The Amazon covers 60% of the country and is one of the most biodiverse spots in the world. Peru has the second-largest portion of the Amazon rainforest after the Brazilian Amazon. The Amazon River is born here Peru has the largest […]

MAAP #81: Carbon loss from deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon

Download PDF of this article When tropical forests are cleared, the enormous amount of carbon stored in the trees is released to the atmosphere, making it a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) that drive climate change. In fact, a recent study revealed that deforestation and degradation are turning tropical forests into a new net carbon […]

MAAP #78: Deforestation Hotspots in The Peruvian Amazon, 2017

As we begin a new year, we make an initial assessment of 2017, estimating deforestation hotspots in the Peruvian Amazon based on early warning alert data.* We estimate the annual forest loss of 354,410 acres (143,425 hectares) across Peru in 2017. If confirmed, this total represents the lowest in 5 years (average of 394,600 acres since 2012), and a […]

MAAP #75: Pope to Visit Madre De Dios, Region With Deforestation Crisis (Peru)

Pope Francis, as part of his upcoming visit to Peru in January, will visit the Madre de Dios region in the southern Peruvian Amazon. He is expected to address issues facing the Amazon and its indigenous communities, including deforestation. In this article, we show that Madre de Dios is experiencing a deforestation crisis, due mainly to […]

MAAP #71: Gold Mining Threatens Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, Again

In an earlier series of articles (MAAP #6, MAAP #44, MAAP #64), we showed the illegal gold mining invasion of a section of Amarakaeri Communal Reserve (see yellow box in Base Map), as well as the rapid response by authorities to remove the miners. It was an important case given that Amarakaeri is an important Peruvian protected area, co- managed byPeru’s protected areas […]

MAAP #64: Good News Deforestation Stories (Peruvian Amazon)

  We admit that most MAAP stories are about the bad news of Amazon deforestation. But fortunately    there is good news as well. Here we highlight 5 good news stories from the Peruvian Amazon that show how near real-time monitoring may lead to halting deforestation from emerging threats, such as gold mining and large-scale agriculture […]