Your 2021 Forest-Friendly Holiday Shopping Guide is Here!

November 27, 2021

This holiday season, support the conservation of the Amazon rainforest while shopping for your friends and family! These forest-friendly companies have partnered with Amazon Conservation in support of our work to protect the Amazon. Any purchase from one of these small businesses includes a contribution to our innovative conservation programs that keep the Amazon thriving, so shopping from these partners is another way you can give your loved ones a unique gift that helps small businesses, nature, and people.

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Makeup and Beauty


Wisdom of Qara skincare uses botanicals from the Amazon combined with science to create wellness products that will help you exist in balance with yourself, your community and Mother Earth. Their commitment to ethical skincare affects every decision they make about formulas, ingredients and packaging. View their skincare line here. (Currently only shipping to within the Europe Union). 


Fashion and Style

Rainy McDry Umbrellas are colorful, eye-catching, and beautiful. Each umbrella line addresses a topic they want to draw attention to. Their “Jungle Collection” benefits the Amazon with 5% of all purchases going towards its protection. (Currently only shipping to the European Union. Check back later for more information.)


Marc Skid underwear is made with the world and its people in mind, crafted using organic Pima cotton grown on family farms that strictly adhere to tried-and-true farming practices that exclude GMOs. Also, one recycled plastic water bottle is used in every waistband, meaning one less bottle in a landfill. Learn more.


Chrysanthoux women’s clothing encourages connection with sustainability which began by creating graphic and basic pieces that one can resonate with and learn about the processes that go into it. Learn more.


Fun and Cheer

Ready for some fun holiday fun? Reckless Conversations is the most hilarious party game of all time! Everyone’s responses to the real life statement cards will have you and your friends laughing for hours, if not for days afterwards!

Add some cheer with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which is batch distilled corn-based vodka, made using old-fashioned pot stills on the very same land where the whole venture started. Learn more.