A Tidal Wave of Publications from Our Los Amigos Research Station

July 22, 2008

ScientistsConverting muddy-boots field work to high-quality research takes years of hard work, but it’s beginning to pay off for our young research program in the Amazon. In the first six months of 2008 alone, work done at the Los Amigos BiologiFrogcal Station (CICRA, its Spanish acronym) generated 11 peer-reviewed articles, two Ph.D. dissertations, and half a dozen theses by Peruvian undergraduates.

In that same stretch, science at Los Amigos was featured in popular magazines in the United States (Natural History), Peru (Somos), and Italy (Natura). This publication rate puts us on par with the most productive research programs in the Amazon, like the Smithsonian’s 30-year forest fragments project in Manaus. And everything suggests that the productivity of Los Amigos scientists will keep building for the next several years. If you’re short of reading material, look for a flood of it coming soon to the ACCA website.