Bolivian Municipalities Create Inter-Institutional Agreement for Sustainable Forest Management

September 28, 2023

Marcos Terán, director of our Bolivian sister organization Conservación Amazónica – ACEAA, recently visited the Municipality of Bolpebra in Pando, Bolivia to sign an agreement that would call for inter-institutional cooperation with their Autonomous government to enact sustainable management of forests, strengthen capacities of local organizations, and formulate projects to better improve territory management. Similar to Bolpebra, the municipality of Ingavi has also signed an agreement that expressed their interest in their own vision of comprehensive forest management, with the premise of conserving their natural spaces and promoting adequate use of their natural resources. ACEAA began to work with both Municipal Governments upon signing the established cooperation agreements.

Among the key elements of these sustainable objectives, both municipalities aim to work together at maintaining the conservation of nature for the benefit of local communities. Such efforts include helping local organizations maintain the ecological balance and control of environmental pollution, promote the sustainable use of water resources, and provide water for irrigation and for human consumption. 

These agreements will later serve as a foundation in support of achieving, through a strategic alliance, the development of synergies for the implementation of actions, planning projects, and comprehensive management of natural resources, as well as actions aimed towards conservation in these municipalities.