Cusco’s Own Spectacled bear workshop

June 21, 2015

Last week our Peruvian partner Conservación Amazónica–ACCA helped host a spectacled bear workshop in Cusco. Held from June 4 to 9, the workshopwhich brought together students, researchers, and decision makers in Peruset out to strengthen spectacled bear conservation and share information. Spectacled bears (Tremarctus ornatus) live along the spine of the Andes and are the only bear native to South America. They feature prominently in the worldview and culture of Andean populations but unfortunately, the bear is considered a vulnerable species

For 18 participants, the course was not only a chance to learn about the species and monitoring fundamentals, but also a chance to travel to Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station, get their boots dirty, and experience hands-on learning. They installed camera traps and learned bear identification methods firsthand.