Educating the Youth on the Gravity of Environmental Crimes

February 23, 2023

Our sister organization in Peru, Conservación Amazónica – ACCA, has joined forces with Consecuencias (Consequences in English), a USAID initiative that seeks to encourage youth to learn about the dangerous effects of environmental crimes and get involved in taking action to stop them by reporting and denouncing the crimes through various social media platforms.

Dangerous extractive practices like gold mining and logging are significant sources of negative ecological and social impacts in the Amazon. To promote the campaign and raise awareness to these dangers, Consecuencias teamed up with Peruvian musical group La Explosión de Iquitos for a music video that has reached hundreds of thousands of young viewers, educating them about the dangers and effects of environmental crimes.

By uniting with Consecuencias, our Peruvian sister organization, Conservación Amazónica – ACCA, has joined the ranks of a host of Peruvian and Latin American celebrities and well-known organizations, significantly raising awareness worldwide of the urgent need to stop environmental crimes in the Amazon.