Honor Nature and Support Biodiversity Protection this Earth Month

April 1, 2024

Thank you honoring nature with us this Earth Month!

Throughout April, we are stepping outside and taking the time to appreciate all the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds us. In line with appreciating our environment this Earth Month, we are asking our supporters to help us protect the incredible biodiversity of one of the planet’s most critical ecosystems: the Amazon.

A thriving Amazon matters to the people and wildlife who live there, the countries it encompasses, and the entire world. As the single largest tropical rainforest on the planet, the Amazon is an immensely diverse region that serves key roles both locally and globally. Not only is this forest home to more than 10% of the world’s known wildlife species and the ancestral homelands to more than 400 tribes, but it is also a vital resource for traditional and modern medicine, including vaccines and cancer treatment, and a major force as a global climate regulator and carbon sink.

Your favorite local natural spot is connected to ecosystems near and far, including the Amazon. Protecting the rainforest’s diverse ecosystems and biodiversity helps protect wildlife, people, and ways of life across the planet. 


What happens in the forest doesn’t stay in the forest; it affects all of us across the globe. Now is the time to take action for nature and biodiversity


To honor nature and protect biodiversity this Earth Month, explore these 5 quick and easy ways that you can make a difference:

1. Create your legacy today to honor the Amazon for generations to come: This Earth Month, you have the unique chance to cultivate a lasting legacy, one that provides a protective canopy for plants, animals, and communities for generations to come. By including Amazon Conservation in your will or trust, you’re not just sowing seeds for change; you’re nurturing a future where the vibrant ecosystems of the Amazon and the diverse communities that call it home thrive together, safeguarded by your foresight and generosity. Plant your roots for the future by creating your free plan today. If you have already included Amazon Conservation in your will or trust, let us know by filling out this quick form!

2. Spread appreciation for nature and the Amazon’s biodiversity through your Giving Circle: Are you part of a Giving Circle or community of Doers committed to making the world a better place? Share why you want to help protect the Amazon with your friends, family, and followers to maximize our conservation impact. Even better, invite us to speak with your group about how we are working for a thriving Amazon! Send us an email to find out more.

3. Become a Wild Keeper to honor nature and protect biodiversity throughout the year: When you donate to Amazon Conservation every month, you are providing the sustainable support we need to ensure the longevity of our programs on the ground across the rainforest. Starting your monthly donation of any amount in honor of nature and Earth Month facilitates your giving plans and deepens your impact because recurring gifts help us plan for ongoing support of our most essential conservation efforts with long-term impacts. By becoming a Wild Keeper, you are joining a global community of champions of biodiversity working together to take collective action for nature and to protect biodiversity in the Amazon and beyond. Learn more about what it means to join our community of Wild Keepers here.

4. Honor nature through your business and grow your brand’s impact: Being a business supporter of Amazon Conservation’s mission is a great way for your businesses to give back to the planet and leave a lasting positive impact on nature. Our business partners support our work in a variety of ways, from corporate donations and fundraisers to events and workplace giving. Find out more about business partnerships here or send us an email to start giving back.

5. Find other ways to honor nature and grow your impact for Earth Month: Do you know the variety of ways you can make your contribution to Amazon Conservation count? Check out our Ways to Give page and explore if your contribution might qualify for a match from your employer, explore other donation means that could mean bigger tax benefits, or consider sharing your love for nature and the Amazon by selecting “I Want To Fundraise for This” on our Donation Page to start a Peer to Peer Fundraiser to raise funds to protect biodiversity in the Amazon.

Honor Nature and Support Biodiversity Protection Today!