Inspiring fifth grader raises money to protect the bugs he loves

February 21, 2017

Inspiring fifth grader raises money to protect the bugs he loves Carter CohenCarter Cohen is no average fifth grader. At the young age of 10 years old, he already feels a deep connection to nature and all types of creepy-crawlers. His love for bugs started when he was just 4 years old and first saw an insect and noticed all of its intricate features. “Each insect has a specific way of hunting,” he says enthusiastically, “and each one adapts to its surroundings.Carter Cohen with mantis The more you learn about bugs the more interesting they get!”. He often finds himself going on field trips with his friend Sean and his parents to discover new species of insects. “I like bugs, arthropods, insects, arachnids, and most insects,” Carter says. He cites the praying mantis, stick bugs, and leaf bugs among his favorite species. 

Carter’s mom told him about Amazon Conservation Association and how we are protecting the Amazon rainforest, a place where millions of species of insects live. Once he learned about the rate of deforestation and how it threatens insect habitat, the budding entomologist decided to use his birthday as an opportunity to fundraise to protect the Amazon. He called on his friends and families to donate to ACA instead of giving him birthday presents and was able to raise a total of $250 for conservation “[The insects] are all adapted to live there and won’t blend in anywhere else,” he explains. As an aspiring scientist, Carter fully understands the importance of keeping the Amazon safe. “Creatures that live in the rainforests, if you want to grow up to study them, there won’t be any forests if we don’t protect them.”

Thank you, Carter, for helping us protect the rainforest and for being an inspiration to others!