New Hopes for Sacha Inchi Growers

December 22, 2006

The Association of Sacha Inchi Growers in Manu (APASIMANU) has signed an agreement with AgroIndustrias Amazonicas, Peru’s main distributor of Sacha Inchi oil, to become one of its suppliers.

After several months of continuous conversations between APASI-MANU and AgroIndustrias Amazonicas, ACA’s partner organization in Peru could finally facilitate an agreement that will benefit the Sacha Inchi growers of the Kosñipata valley.

“We have achieved a unification of interests: the private sector, the community and the ACCA NGO, and this group can have only one result which is the confidence in the future.” Said Mr. José Anaya, Director of AgroIndustrias Amazónicas.

This agreement is a milestone achievement of our Micro-enterprise initiatives’ project, currently funded by the Blue Moon Fund. Sacha Inchi, also known as Inca Inchi, is an Amazonian seed high in Omega 6 (36.8 %) and Omega 3 (48.6 %). Being of vegetable origin, the Sacha Inchi oil has 0 cholesterol.

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