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    Protect Wild Places
May 16, 2024

Amazon Conservation Joins The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

As of late April, Amazon Conservation has officially become a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), an institution that unites governments and civil society to advance sustainable development for a world that deeply values nature.  With over 1,400 member organizations and and a network of over 16,000 scientists, the IUCN drives […]

    Put Science and Technology to Work MAAP Reports
May 14, 2024

New MAAP Report: Gold Mining in the Southern Peruvian Amazon

Thanks to support from USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation), we’ve been able to publish a series of reports on the dynamic situation of gold mining in the southern Peruvian Amazon over the past several years. Illegal gold mining continues to raise concern in this area, eliminating […]

    Protect Wild Places
May 11, 2024

World Migratory Bird Day: How Bird Migration Helps Sustain the Amazon Rainforest

It’s a great day to be a birder! Each year on the second Saturday of May in North America, bird enthusiasts near and far come together to celebrate and raise awareness for the importance of migratory bird conservation. While migration for some birds is an important element of their life cycle to ensure the longevity […]

April 29, 2024

Earth Month Wrap-Up: Become a Champion for Nature and Biodiversity

As Earth Month draws to a close, we want to share the impact of your contribution this month to honor nature and protect biodiversity conservation in the Amazon. All ecosystems, near and far, are interconnected and depend on the health of the planet. Protecting the rainforest’s diverse ecosystems and biodiversity is crucial to protecting wildlife, […]

    Protect Wild Places
April 24, 2024

ACCA and ACEAA Join the South American Forest Conservation Alliance (SAFCA)

On March 11th, representatives from our sister organizations Conservación Amazónica-ACEAA and Conservación Amazónica-ACCA met with the Foundation for the Conservation of the Chiquitano Forest – FCBC from Bolivia and Aktion Amazonas – AKAM from Denmark in Puerto Maldonado, Peru to formalize the creation of South American Forest Conservation Alliance (SAFCA) through the signing of a […]

    Protect Wild Places
April 22, 2024

Join Us in Celebrating Biodiversity for Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Amazon Conservation! We appreciate all you have done over the past weeks to honor nature and support biodiversity protection this Earth Month. In honor of Earth Day, join us in celebrating the one-of-a-kind biodiversity of the rainforest. We invite you to take a moment to reflect on […]

April 18, 2024

MAAP: Illegal roads and Deforestation in Indigenous Reserves & National Parks of the Colombian Amazon

Primary forests in the Colombian Amazon are at risk from a variety of drivers such as illegal roads, which expose them to further threats of deforestation due to cattle pastures, land grabbing, and coca production. These illegal roads threaten protected areas, national parks, and Indigenous territories (referred to as  Resguardos in Colombia). Our newest report, […]

April 16, 2024

Sustainable Production: Safeguarding Nature to Improve the Well-Being of Local People

This month, we continue to celebrate Earth Month by honoring nature and all of the unique biodiversity and resources that the Amazon offers us. Do you know some of the most exotic, healthy, and sustainable fruits that come to us from the Amazon? From Brazil nuts to açaí berries, the forest is full of nutritious […]

    Protect Wild Places
April 8, 2024

Combating Nature Crimes: Safeguarding Nature and Biodiversity

April is not just a time for spring blossoms and warmer weather—it’s also Earth Month, a time to reflect on our planet’s incredible biodiversity and the urgent need to protect it. The Amazon’s rich biodiversity and all that depend on it – including local families, wildlife, and the world’s ability to regulate climate change – […]

    Put Science and Technology to Work MAAP Reports
April 3, 2024

New MAAP Report Shows Before and After Photos of Mining Raid in Venezuela

Last year,  in collaboration with the organization SOS Orinoco, we published an urgent report about illegal mining on top of a sacred tepui in the heart of Yapacana National Park in the Venezuelan Amazon (MAAP #169). These Tepuis are stunning table-top mountains found in northern South America and are considered sacred by indigenous groups of the region. MAAP #169 documented 425 illegal […]

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