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    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter
October 3, 2022

2022 CFC Kicks off for Government Employees and Retirees

If you are a current or retired U.S. government employee, did you know that the Combined Federal Campaign’s (CFC) 2022 Face of Change Campaign kicked off earlier this month? Now through January 14, government employees and retirees can be the Face of Change by becoming a changemaker and joining others looking to have a real […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter
October 3, 2022

Supporter Spotlight: From Birders to Conservationists Championing Sustainable Livelihoods

Each and every one of our supporters have a favorite project or initiative that brings them to Amazon Conservation and gets them excited about protecting the Amazon. With a broad portfolio of work spanning wildlife, landscapes, science, people, and technology, it’s hard not to find a piece of our work that resonates with you. And […]

    Protect Wild Places Educational Resources MAAP Reports
October 3, 2022

MAAP #164 Tipping Point

It is increasingly reported that the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon, is rapidly approaching a tipping point. As repeatedly highlighted by the late Tom Lovejoy (see Acknowledgements in full report), this tipping point is where parts of the rainforest will convert into drier ecosystems due to disrupted precipitation patterns and more intense dry seasons, both exacerbated […]

    Put Science and Technology to Work Western Amazon Newsletter
September 12, 2022

State of the Amazon: Fires, Deforestation, and Climate Change Recap

Wednesday, September 7th, saw the first installment of our State of the Amazon Webinar Series. This edition’s focus was on Fires, Deforestation, and Climate Change. The webinar was co-hosted by us and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) and featured speakers from five of our partners representing five key Amazonian countries. Participants had the […]

    Stories from the Ground Western Amazon Newsletter
July 29, 2022

Supporter Spotlight: Long-Time Donors Challenge Us and Encourage Our Growth

It may sound cliché to say our long-term supporters are the backbone that keeps Amazon Conservation learning and growing, but it’s true. When couple Elizabeth Cadwalader and Gene Baron first reached out to donate to our organization in 2012, they wanted to donate stock and at the time our organization wasn’t sure how or if […]

    Empower People
July 29, 2022

Inauguration of Cacao Processing Plant and Andean Bear Interpretation Center in Peru

Over the past month, Amazon Conservation inaugurated two new critical facilities that mark important milestones for our conservation efforts in Peru. The first is a new processing plant, which is fundamental in our Productive Forests program that supports sustainable, forest-friendly livelihoods under our Empowering People strategy. The second is a new Interpretation Center, dedicated to […]

    Empower People
July 29, 2022

Interactive Games Show Consequences of Human Activity on Amazon’s Chemical Makeup

In the Bolivian department of Pando, Amazon Conservation through our sister organization Conservación Amazónica–ACEAA held workshops in the communities of Holanda, Empresiña, San Antonio, and Luz de América to spread awareness about the impacts of human activities on the Amazon rainforest. These workshops, part of the PRODIGY project financed by the German Ministry of Research […]

    Empower People
June 30, 2022

Research Finds Chagas Disease in Pando Not Linked to Local Açai

On June 28, at a meeting of the Inter-Institutional Platform for Connection of Amazon Fruit Products (PICFA) in Cobija, Bolivia, we presented a study that corrects misinformation about the link between açai and the parasite causing Chagas disease in the region. While the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi has been found in the primary açai species produced […]

    Empower People
June 28, 2022

New Observatory Empowers Forest Producers to Adapt to Changing Climate

Earlier this year, we launched our new tool in support of forest-based economies called the Observatory of Amazonian Fruits and Climate Change. The Observatory is the culmination of a 10-month project that focuses on strengthening the management of Amazonian fruits in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest such as açai, Brazil nuts, cacao, majo, copoazu and royal […]

    Empower People
June 25, 2022

Cross-Border Workshops in Peru Use Geospatial Data to Detect Ecosystem Changes

Conservación Amazónica–ACCA, Amazon Conservation’s sister organization in Peru, held two workshops alongside geospatial scientists from the University of Richmond’s Amazon Frontier Spatial Analysis (ABSAT) team on June 9-10 and June 13-17 through ACCA’s partnership with the SERVIR-Amazonia program, an initiative of USAID and NASA. The goals of both workshops included showing how to analyze geospatial […]

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