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    Western Amazon Newsletter
May 25, 2022

Spotlight: Drew Harper and a Decade of Supporting the Amazon Biome

Drew Harper, an Atlanta-area native and current Minnesotan, has been a supporter of Amazon Conservation since 2012 and shares that the organization’s high ratings in transparency, accountability, and effectiveness stood out to him right from the beginning. When initially researching Amazon Conservation, Drew says, “I liked that it was a smaller organization, so I felt […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
May 20, 2022

Protecting Tambopata National Reserve’s Buffer Zone Through Strategic Planning

The 679,040-acre Tambopata National Reserve in the Amazon Basin of southeast Peru was established in 2000 to protect one of the most biologically diverse and least disturbed forests in the world. A myriad of species live in the diverse habitats of the reserve, including colorful parrots and macaws that frequent clay licks such as the […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
May 14, 2022

Journalism Workshop In Bolivia Promotes the Protection of Biodiversity Conservation Corridors

In 2020, our sister organization on the ground in Bolivia, Conservación Amazónica-ACEAA, organized a journalism workshop to promote the ecosystem services and threats faced by the Madidi-Pilón Lajas-Cotapata Conservation Corridor. Though this conservation corridor is located in the biodiversity hotspot of the tropical Andes, it faces risks from encroaching illegal miners and loggers. Thus, the […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter
May 6, 2022

New Arroyo Bahia Conservation Area Protects Essential Water Sources For 80,000 People

On May 4, the Arroyo Bahía Conservation Area in the Bolivian Amazon was declared, protecting nearly 10,000 acres of forests and critical water sources for the surrounding local populations. It is the municipality of Cobija’s first protected area. Arroyo Bahía provides valuable ecosystem services in the form of freshwater to 80,000 local people in Bolivia, Peru […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter
April 27, 2022

Camanti: Turning a Former Mining Hotspot in Peru into a Recognized Conservation Area 

In 2019, we reported record high levels of gold mining deforestation in the southern Peruvian Amazon, with the Camanti area in the Cusco region representing one of the top three most threatened areas after La Pampa and Upper Malinowski. But this past week the protected area was officially established as the Camanti Sostenible Conservation Concession, […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
April 24, 2022

First Açaí Fair Celebrates Its Importance in the Bolivian Amazon

The season of açaí harvesting has begun in the Bolivian Amazon. To welcome its return our sister organization on the ground in Bolivia, Conservación Amazónica – ACEAA, celebrated at the department of Pando’s first annual Açaí Fair on April 13th.  We’ve been working to strengthen and improve açaí harvesting for many years now, as the […]

    Western Amazon Newsletter
April 22, 2022

Join Aya and take action for nature this Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day like 9-year-old Aya, who was so inspired to protect the Amazon rainforest and all its ecosystem services that her new environmental club’s first fundraiser was held to conserve the Amazon. In her third-grade class in Oakland, California, Aya learned about the impact of climate change on the environment and animals. After hearing […]

    Western Amazon Newsletter
March 31, 2022

Make a Sustaining Impact this Earth Month with Amazon Conservation 

This year, Earth Day celebrates all the incredible resources that this beautiful planet provides us. We are taking Earth Day a few steps furtherand celebrating the greatest wild forest on the planet for the entire month of April! We encourage everyone to start taking action for nature and the Amazon this April, but we hope […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter
March 25, 2022

Reforestation and Governance Protects Critical Water Sources For Local Communities

Apolo is the second largest municipality in the Bolivian department of La Paz and overlaps with nationally important protected areas, including the Madidi National Park (7,320 sq mi, 18,960 sq km) and Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve. Our sister organization on the ground in Bolivia has worked with this community since 2015 to protect critical water […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter
March 20, 2022

Ruthmery Pillco, Who Leads Our Andean Bear Conservation Project, Named Disney Conservation Hero

Ruthmery Pillco, who leads field activities for our Andean Bear Conservation Project, was recently announced as one of fifteen Disney Conservation Heroes, recognized for their efforts to protect the planet. She joins a diverse global community of indigenous conservationists protecting critically endangered and threatened species such as Grauer’s gorillas, golden lion tamarin monkeys, and leatherback […]

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