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    Protect Wild Places MAAP Reports
April 6, 2020

MAAP #116: Amazon Gold Mining, Part 2: Brazil

We present the second part of our series on Amazon gold mining, with a focus on the Brazil* Specifically, we focus on mining in indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon. Extractive activities, such as gold mining, are constitutionally not permitted on indigenous lands, but the Bolsonaro administration is advancing a bill (PL 191) that would reverse this. The Base Map indicates […]

    Press Releases
March 15, 2020

Amazon Conservation’s Message on COVID-19

Hello friends of the Amazon, We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this unprecedented health crisis. As always, we are focused on the health, safety, and well-being of our staff, their families, and the communities where we live and work. Given the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are taking key […]

    MAAP Reports
February 7, 2020

MAAP Synthesis: 2019 Amazon Deforestation Trends and Hotspots

MAAP, an initiative of Amazon Conservation, specializes in satellite-based, real-time deforestation monitoring of the Amazon. Our geographic focus covers five countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru (see Base Map). We found that, since 2001, this vast area lost 65.8 million acres (26.6 million hectares) of primary forest, an area equivalent to the size of the United Kingdom (or […]

    Protect Wild Places MAAP Reports
January 17, 2020

MAAP #115: Illegal Gold Mining in the Amazon, Part 1: Peru

In a new series, we highlight the main illegal gold mining frontiers in the Amazon. Here, in part 1, we focus on Peru. In the upcoming part 2, we will look at Brazil. The Base Map indicates our focus areas in Peru*: Southern Peru (A. La Pampa, B. Alto Malinowski, C. Camanti, D. Pariamanu); Central Peru (E. El Sira). Notably, we found an […]

    Protect Wild Places MAAP Reports
December 2, 2019

MAAP #114: Oil Drilling Pushes Deeper into Yasuni National Park

Yasuni National Park, located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, is one of the most biodiverse places in the world and forms part of the ancestral territory of the Waorani (see Base Map). Under the ground of this vast area, however, are large oil fields. In July 2019, the Waorani won an important legal victory to prevent oil […]

    Protect Wild Places MAAP Reports
November 13, 2019

MAAP #113: Satellites Reveal What Fueled Brazilian Amazon Fires

As part of our ongoing coverage, we present two key new findings about the Brazilian Amazon fires that captured the world’s attention in August (see our novel satellite-based methodology below). First, we found that many of the fires, covering over 450,000 hectares, burned areas recently deforested since 2017 (orange in Base Map). That is a massive area equivalent to over a million acres (or […]

    Western Amazon Newsletter
November 8, 2019

A New Science-based Monitoring Tool To Improve Communities’ Brazil Nut Production

The vastness of the Bolivian Amazon makes it a daunting task to understand the plant species that live in it, where they are located, and the status of their health. Knowing where key plant species are in a forest can help answer questions that improve forest and biodiversity conservation decisions. Improved understanding of the forest […]

    Put Science and Technology to Work MAAP Reports
October 18, 2019

MAAP #112: Mennonite Colonies – New Deforestation Driver in the Amazon

The Mennonites, a religious (Christian) group often dedicated to organized agriculture, are increasingly inhabiting the western Amazon (Peru and Bolivia). Here, we reveal the recent deforestation of 18,500 acres (7,500 hectares) in three Mennonite colonies (see the Base Map below). The two colonies in Peru (Tierra Blanca and Masisea) are new, causing the deforestation of 6,200 acres since 2017 (including 3,500 […]

    Protect Wild Places MAAP Reports
September 25, 2019

MAAP #111: Fires in the Bolivian Amazon – Using Google Earth Engine to Monitor

We begin a new series on how to harness the power of the cloud to improve real-time monitoring in the Amazon and beyond. As the amount of data from satellite images has skyrocketed, so have the challenges of research teams to fully utilize this abundant and heavy (in terms of terabytes) information. In response, tech companies such […]

    Protect Wild Places MAAP Reports
September 23, 2019

MAAP #110: Major Finding – Many Brazilian Amazon Fires Follow 2019 Deforestation

In MAAP #109 we reported a major finding critical to understanding this year’s fires in the Brazilian Amazon: many of the 2019 fires followed 2019 deforestation events. Here, we present our more comprehensive estimate: 125,000 hectares (310,000 acres) deforested in 2019 and then later burned in 2019 (July-September). This is equivalent to 172,000 soccer fields.* Thus, the issue is both deforestation […]

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