Promoting Coexistence for Conservation: Manu Biological Station Science Fair

February 15, 2024

To help secure the longevity of the Amazon, part of our mission is to inspire the next generation of conservationists to take part in protecting the forests. The Amazon is home to not only an incredible array of flora and fauna but to local families and community members who also depend on its resources for their livelihood. Thus, the coexistence of people and nature is vital to keeping forests standing. 

On January 19th, our Manu Biological Station (with the support of ICFC) held its second Science Fair, attracting more than 150 visitors from the nearby communities of Pillcopata, Patria, and Huacaria. The fair was designed to emphasize the important connection between people, science, and nature while also addressing climate change and its impact on the landscape and wildlife.

Visitors were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of various animal groups by visiting detailed exhibitions on Amazonian mammals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Each of these exhibitions highlighted unique organism traits and key methods researchers use to study their presence in the region to better understand their impacts on the surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, the fair also offered a practical explanation of canopy climbing, a safe and sustainable method for climbing trees to help researchers study life in the treetops, an activity vital for scientific research and conservation. Visitors were amazed by the intricate details and functions of each organism and were able to explore the evolution and phylogenetic relationships between different groups of living beings, which allowed them to learn about the adaptations developed by various species to survive in their environment. 

Educating others on the importance of interspecies relationships is essential for addressing crucial topics like climate change and its impact on the landscape and wildlife. Thanks to the coordination by the Manu Biological Station team, visitors were able to better understand the challenges faced by the Amazon and the importance of conserving this vital ecosystem for global balance.