Protecting Vital Water Resources in Bolivia

July 21, 2023


Our Bolivian sister organization  Conservación Amazonica – ACEAA has been working with the Autonomous Municipal Government of Cobija (GAMC) to help protect and manage the main natural water resources in Cobija.

Following a presentation of the project “PROTECTING THE BAY STREAM, WE GUARANTEE WATER FOR COBIJA”, a video presentation and storybook were created to raise awareness for these efforts to strengthen these areas through the Natural Area of Integrated Management of the Bay Stream Basin (ANGICAB) project.

“Healing the Water” is the story of Bruno, a curious child who arrives in the Bolivian Amazon and decides to search for the truth. Download this story HERE,  and immerse yourself and your family in conserving our forests and natural resources like water.

Click HERE to watch the video presentation of the Natural Area of Comprehensive Management of the Basin of the Creek Bay (ANGICAB), where its riches and importance are communicated.

Both materials were created by Conservación Amazonica – ACEAA, with support from the Andes Amazon Fund, to bring awareness to the pollution and environmental degradation in the capital of the Amazon department of Pando and surrounding cities, as well as the Natural Area of Comprehensive Management of the Arroyo Bay Basin (ANGICAB) located near the capital of Cobija.