Providing Technological Trainings for Indigenous People to Defend their Territories

December 8, 2023

As our MAAP analyses continue to show (most recently MAAP #183), Indigenous territories and protected areas are vital tools in the fight to keep the Amazon standing. Our MAAP reports on the topic since 2021 continue to show that these land designations experience half the rate of deforestation as any other type of land use.

Additionally, these forests are major carbon sinks, and keeping them standing is instrumental in winning the global fight against climate change. 

This is why the work you support focuses on working with local partners on the ground to use the latest technology to protect these key conservation areas.

For local people like Pepe Torres, who manages the Community Monitoring and Oversight Program of FENAMAD (the Native Federation of the Madre de Dios River Region) in Peru, protecting ancestral lands is vital for Indigenous people. Indigenous leaders need the critical training and resources that we provide to defend their territories from illegal activities and land encroachment. Only once they have autonomy over their territory can Indigenous leaders focus on building climate resilience and protecting their resources for the long term. 

Your support provides leaders like Pepe with the training, staff capacity, technology, and legal support needed to stop environmental crime in its tracks, defend their territory, and keep their forests standing for future generations.

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