Second Annual Birdathon Encounters Even More Species!

October 21, 2012

From August 19 to 29, the Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) hosted its second annual Birdathon to raise awareness about Peru’s incredible bird diversity and to help protect their habitat in and around Manu National Park. Led by Craig Thompson of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, the group of conservationist birders traveled from the highlands to the lowlands, keeping a tally of the number of bird species they identified along the way.

This year, the group observed a total of 422 bird species – an increase of more than 70 species over last year’s total! Thompson was happy to report that, “Everyone was blown away by the birds, awed by the rugged Andes, and both impressed with and appreciative of [ACA’s] ongoing efforts to ‘save the world’s greatest rainforest.’”

The goal is to support the conservation of southeastern Peru’s globally important forests and the birds that depend on them by seeking sponsors to make a donation in honor of the event, either per bird species identified or a flat donation in an amount of their choosing. All funds raised go to ACA to further its ongoing conservation activities in the same region visited by the birders. The enthusiastic group exceeded its fundraising goal by raising over $34,000 to support ACA’s work to protect critical bird habitat in this region!

If you are interested in participating in future Birdathons or pledging support, please visit, or email (Photo by Adrian Tejedor)