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Volunteer Researcher Opportunities

ACA and our Peruvian sister organization Conservación Amazónica–ACCA are creative, hard-working, team-oriented, high-energy conservation groups and we welcome volunteers with the same qualities. Our volunteer positions are highly competitive and typically won by candidates with specialized skills, relevant experience, good language skills, a significant time commitment, and independent funding.

Opportunities at our Peruvian Field Stations:

Our three biological stations are located along a gradient spanning from the eastern slope of the Andes to the Amazon lowlands in Peru, an area known to harbor the greatest known richness of species on the planet.  Volunteers live and work in this environment as an integral part of our science program gathering scientific data, supporting facilities and grounds maintenance, and assisting in critical research projects. Volunteers advance their careers with a boots-on-the-ground experience, while meeting other researchers and visitors from all over the world.  Volunteer opportunities are available in biological monitoring, sustainable agriculture, or a hybrid of both.

For volunteers accepted to the program, a minimum stay of one month is required, with positions commencing the first Monday of each month. Volunteers are expected to arrive to the station that Monday or earlier. Volunteers are required to work from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday (with two hours for lunch) and are overseen by the science coordinator or sustainable agriculture coordinator who will work with you on developing a detailed work plan, and will provide technical and general support throughout your stay.

Volunteers at all 3 stations pay $57/day (covers food + lodging) for any stay less than 28 days. For volunteer stays of 29 days or longer, the cost is $48/day. Volunteers are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the stations (a private car is recommended).

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the application below. Please apply at least 30 days before your expected arrival.

Volunteer Application:

Opportunities at our DC Office:

We will post volunteer opportunities on an as-needed basis; at present, we have no opportunities available. However, if you have skills, we welcome them! Please send relevant materials to


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Emperor tamarin at Los Amigos. Photo: Lindsay Lough

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