Volunteer Opportunities in Amazonian Conservation

ACA and ACCA are creative, hard-working, high-energy conservation groups and we welcome volunteers with the same qualities. Our volunteer positions are highly competitive and typically won by candidates with specialized skills, relevant experience, good language skills, a significant time commitment, and independent funding. Opportunities vary between our different sites and change frequently, and we do not currently consider applications for volunteer positions other than those described below.

Opportunities at our Peruvian Field Stations:

Volunteers are needed at our Los Amigos Biological Station to assist with preparing and installing trail signs, trail maintenance, and related activities, along 20 miles of trails. The station is also a leading training site for young Amazonian scientists and conservationists, and receives visitors from around the world who are passionate about conserving the Amazon.


1. Painting trail signs

2. Installing signs on wood posts along trails

3. Painting and installing trail markers every 25 meters along trails

4. Identifying trails that require maintenance

5. Trail maintenance, clearing and reconstruction

6. Other duties related to trail marking and signage

Required Qualifications:

1. Must be at least 18 years old

2. Superb physical and mental health, and be prepared for intense physical activity

3. Must have the ability to walk several hours a day in hot, Amazonian rainforest conditions

4. Demonstrated understanding of the principles of conservation and have a love for nature

5. Positive attitude

6. Ability to respond responsibly to changing and unexpected circumstances in nature

7. Ability to work in a collaborative work environment

8. Ability to live congenially for an extended period among Peruvian and international staff, researchers, and guests

9. Basic Spanish

10. Previous experience in trail maintenance and tropical rainforest conditions would be preferred

Volunteer Period: The volunteer period is from March to May, and volunteers must be willing to stay for at least one month.

Schedule: Generally six hours each day, Monday through Friday, four hours on Saturday, and Sundays free.

Fees: The volunteer is responsible to pay for transportation to the station, as well as a modest room and board fee of $40/day.

Accommodations: The volunteer will be housed in a shared dormitory with restroom facilities, and provided a bed, sheets, and towel, with three meals a day. Private cabins are also available for an additional fee. Internet service is available, but is limited due to the remote location.

To apply, please fill out the volunteer application, attach a resume/CV, and send all documents to volunteer@amazonconservation.org .

Learn more about the volunteer experience in the Peruvian Amazon on our website and by reading the stories on our volunteer blog.


Photo of boat on river

Setting off. Photo: Raechel Running

Photo of tamarin

Emperor tamarin at Los Amigos. Photo: Lindsay Lough

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