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    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
March 8, 2023

Celebrating International Women’s Day by Empowering Women Bird Guides in Peru

Among birders, a Big Day is a day in which birders or teams of birders strive to identify and record as many bird species in a defined area as they can in a single day.  This year, Amazon Conservation is proud to sponsor the first-ever Women’s Big Day in Peru at our Manu Conservation Hub […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
March 4, 2023

Keeping Forest-Based Economies Clean with Certified Organic Practices

Thanks to support and training from our Peruvian sister organization, Conservación Amazónica – ACCA, 146 Brazil nut harvesters that make up the Indigenous Forestry Association of Madre de Dios (AFIMAD) renewed the organic certification of their Brazil nuts through the meticulous verification and renewal process of the international Certification of Environmental Standards (CERES). This certification […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
March 1, 2023

Supporter Spotlight: Ryan Bailey

From Nashville to the Amazon: Linking Business, Sustainability, and Ecosystems Business supporters are one of Amazon Conservation’s favorite avenues to raise awareness and support for our work because of their unhindered desire to give back to the planet. Whether directly donating to our work, promoting awareness of the Amazon’s importance to their clients, running campaigns […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter MAAP Reports
February 28, 2023

New MAAP Series Follows Soy-Based Deforestation in the Bolivian Amazon

In the first two installments of a new series monitoring soy deforestation in Bolivia, we provide more accurate estimates of total soy production-based deforestation and some of the major actors driving this significant source of deforestation. It is generally well known that the production of commodities such as soy, oil palm, and cattle are major […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter
February 23, 2023

Educating the Youth on the Gravity of Environmental Crimes

Our sister organization in Peru, Conservación Amazónica – ACCA, has joined forces with Consecuencias (Consequences in English), a USAID initiative that seeks to encourage youth to learn about the dangerous effects of environmental crimes and get involved in taking action to stop them by reporting and denouncing the crimes through various social media platforms. Dangerous […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter maap-reports
February 3, 2023

Training Park Rangers at Los Amigos in First Monitoring Technology of its Kind in Peru

The park ranger team at Los Amigos recently completed training in the use and management of EarthRanger, a software that aids protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists in making more informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation. EarthRanger will allow park rangers, or “promotores” in Spanish, to better monitor and stop environmental threats such as […]

    Protect Wild Places Western Amazon Newsletter MAAP Reports
January 30, 2023

MAAP #174: Following Raid, Illegal Mining Camps Still Intact On Yapacana Tepui (Venezuelan Amazon)

Several weeks ago (on December 17, 2022), the Venezuelan government conducted a military operation against illegal mining activity in Yapacana National Park, located in the heart of the Venezuelan Amazon. This operation came just after a high-profile article in the Washington Post exposing the severity of the illegal mining within the park, including on top of the sacred Yapacana tepui […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
January 27, 2023

Peru Recognizes Los Amigos Conservation Area at 2022 COP15

At 2022’s COP15 (the United Nations Biodiversity Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity) in Montreal, Peru announced the recognition of Los Amigos Conservation Concession as its first of two Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECM), as part of Peru’s efforts to meet the goal set by the Biological Diversity Agreement […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
January 20, 2023

Creating Protected Natural Areas for Sustainable Management

On December 20, 2022, with technical support from our sister organization in Bolivia, Conservación Amazónica – ACEAA, the Mayor’s office of Porvenir in the Amazonian department of Pando, established the Natural Area of Integrated Management of the Porvenir Forest.  This new protected area will ensure the health and sustainable management of these productive forests with […]

    Empower People Western Amazon Newsletter
January 13, 2023

Co-Founder of Amazon Conservation, Enrique Ortiz, and Former Board Member, Miles Silman, Speak About Illegal Gold Mining in Article for Science Magazine

On January 11, 2023, Science Magazine, one of the world’s leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, published an article on the effects of illegal gold mining in rivers around the world, including the Peruvian Amazon. Legal and illegal gold mining activity has surged over the past 20 years and affects 173 large rivers in 49 countries today. […]

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