Celebrating 12 years of Conservación Amazónica – ACEAA

October 5, 2023

Our Bolivian sister organization Conservación Amazónica – ACEAA is celebrating its 12-year anniversary this October. Celebrations began at the end of last month with a cocktail party for the organization’s team, diplomatic corps, and allied organizations at their headquarters in La Paz, Bolivia. ACEAA has been a part of our alliance (including our other sister organization Conservación Amazónica – ACCA in Peru) from its beginning and has enacted a joint mission of sustainably managing territorial spaces in the Amazon, generating knowledge and capacities with local communities and workers to help conserve biodiverse ecosystems.

Since its foundation in 2011, ACEAA has carried out its conservation efforts throughout more than 30 million hectares in the Bolivian Amazon, covering three departments: Beni, La Paz, and Pando. This diverse landscape is home to a variety of ecosystems included within the Amazon basin, from the headwaters and heights of the Andes mountain range, passing through different types of forests to the grasslands and wetlands of the Beni. These landscapes provide essential tools to governments and local stakeholders to empower communities to develop sustainable livelihoods in harmony with forests.

In addition to the many programs that have helped conserve the greater Amazon, ACEAA plays an active role in supporting local initiatives to strategize sustainable forest use through its support for the creation of the Inter-Institutional Platform for Articulation of Amazonian Fruit Productive Complexes PICFA, a platform for public-private coordination to strengthen the production of Amazonian fruits in Pando, and The Federation of Asaí and Amazonian Fruits of the department of Pando (FEDAFAP), an organization of Acai fruit workers and institutes to maintain and promote sustainable production practices.

Amazon forest in the Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Against all odds, this team continues to envision a thriving Amazon that supports the full diversity of life. Today, more than ever, it is critical that we, as global citizens, unite to protect this natural treasure. Our goal as an alliance is to create a more sustainable way forward. Together, we can ensure a prosperous future for the Amazon, a region vital to life on our planet. Let us continue to work towards preserving this priceless heritage and ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty and richness of the Amazon.

Thank you to all our supporters who have helped support our alliance throughout the years. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, and we greatly appreciate all those who help us conserve some of the greatest forests on earth.