Earth Month Wrap-Up: Become a Champion for Nature and Biodiversity

April 29, 2024

As Earth Month draws to a close, we want to share the impact of your contribution this month to honor nature and protect biodiversity conservation in the Amazon. All ecosystems, near and far, are interconnected and depend on the health of the planet. Protecting the rainforest’s diverse ecosystems and biodiversity is crucial to protecting wildlife, people, and ways of life across the globe. 

By becoming a champion for nature and biodiversity today, you are joining a movement with long-term global impacts. Here’s what taking action can look like: 

  • Your contribution of $25 can plant 20 trees to restore damaged habits in the Amazon. 
  • Your contribution of $50 can protect about 2 acres of Andean bear habitat, a keystone species that helps regenerate forests through seed dispersal.
  • Your contribution of $100 can guarantee the protection of 500 acres at our Los Amigos Conservation Hub and protected area in the Peruvian Amazon for one year.
  • Your contribution of $250 can prevent 5,400 metric tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere through the protection of standing forests, equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of over 1,000 cars.
  • Your contribution of $5,000 can train one local community member in drone operations to monitor up to 500 acres of forests, helping identify and combat illegal deforestation.

Make a difference today!

By strengthening our on-the-ground conservation efforts and supporting sustainable production, you are helping us work across boundaries to combat nature crimes and empower local people to strengthen forest-based economies as essential steps in improving the well-being of local communities, safeguarding nature, and protecting the region’s rich biodiversity.

Learn more about how you can honor nature and support biodiversity protection this Earth Month!