Fourth graders helping to save the Amazon!  

August 21, 2016

Child hugging pine (tree)

An inspiring group of fourth graders are showing that at any age it’s possible to come together to help conserve our rainforest!

A fourth grade classroom from Greenacres Elementary School in Bethesda, Maryland were presented with three project ideas to support conservation and sustainable livelihood programs in the Peruvian Amazon. After deliberating among themselves and taking a vote, they chose to support our camera trap program. Camera traps are an automated digital device that takes a flash photo or a sequence of photos whenever an animal triggers an infrared sensor. They play an increasingly crucial role in conservation by enabling scientists to collect photographic evidence of the presence and abundance of elusive species such as jaguars, and document responses to threats such as deforestation, with little disturbance to wildlife.

The project idea came from a long time ACA supporter, Marcia Brown from the Foundations of Success, when she learned that her son’s class was interested in running a fundraising project for a nonprofit organization. She suggested ACA as a beneficiary and the kids were excited to learn about all the ways we protect the Amazon. You too can follow in their footsteps and become a forest protector by making a donationvolunteering your time, or visiting our biological stations!

big thank you to our little supporters: Fernando Molina, Peter Andersen, Zachary Bernier, Maddie Card, Elijah Chambers, Joshua Cohen, Amber Combs, Caitlin Crain, Henry Dirckx, Jovi Greene, Ella Halsey, Miles Hansen, Lilly Kaufmann, Gelienda Lancaster, Noah Lantor, Pau Maset, Nathaniel Mintzer, Avital Morris, Alexandros Murshed, Jacob Orenstein, Manu Padmanabha, Linda Robinson, Brooke Rosen, Sammy Sandler, Alexia Sandonas, Raya Schein, Nora-Sheetal Shaughnessy, Jack Solovey, Drew Steinman, Elana and Grace Stephens, Graham Storper, Dilan Suleman, Ike Wicht, and Raphael Wolf.