Meet Misael Campos – an açaí and Brazil nut producer in Bolivia

December 1, 2022

Amazon Conservation is committed to empowering people through strengthening and creating forest-based economies that are both climate-resilient and sustainable.

We partner with people like Misael Campos who brings his own wealth of knowledge of forest productivity to bolster our efforts to empower people through strengthening forest-based economies. 

In the Bolivian Amazon, Brazil nuts and açaí berries are key forest products for regional economies and unique in that they can only be grown in a healthy forest ecosystem. To keep forests standing and help these forest economies adapt to a changing climate, we are working closely with local producer families like Misael Campos’s family in the Pando region to strengthen local forest-friendly businesses. 


We have helped them build production facilities and safety equipment to increase the value of their products while minimizing the great risks of harvesting these forest products, provided training on conservation best practices, and connected them to new markets to minimize the role of intermediaries. These efforts make sure they can have a strong, fully sustainable business centered around protecting their forest home.

What’s more, producers like Misael are seeing the benefits of this support for their families and are eager to share this experience, technology, and equipment with others. Through empowering families in one community, your support continues to grow and have an exponential impact for families across the region!