New York Times Op-Ed: Our Co-Founder Enrique Ortiz comments on how to save the Amazon 

July 19, 2019

Our Co-Founder and Ecologist Enrique Ortiz made the news recently through an opinion piece on what can be done to reverse current trends in deforestation and ensure that economic development in the Amazon is not at odds with conservation.

Although deforestation in the Amazon is on the rise, Ortiz highlights that recent success stories show that policies could be established to reverse the trend, at a relatively low cost compared with other climate change mitigation strategies. Incentives for small- and large-scale producers can promote sustainable agricultural practices when farmers tap into underutilized land and improve efficiencies, and economic incentives could encourage reforestation.

Amazon Conservation is implementing many of these conservation solutions on the ground right now, including training farmers and forest users on how to conserve their land and showing them the economic benefits of conservation. Forest users working with Amazon Conservation have seen significant increases in their income because the forest products they harvest are coming from healthier forests. 

Read the full article at The New York Times.