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Our Boots on the Ground Approach

We focus our work on the headwaters of the Amazon in Peru and Bolivia, as threats and damage to this key area trickles down and affects the entirety of the Amazon in other countries.

We have been working in the field in these two countries for two decades now, ensuring over 4 million acres of crucial forests are safeguarded. By focusing our conservation efforts in the area where the Andes Mountains meet the Amazon rainforest, we protect the most biologically rich place in the world.

Going Where We’re Needed: Monitoring Threats Across the Entire Amazon

In addition to working in the field in Peru and Bolivia, we believe that every part of the Amazon – wherever country it may be in – needs to be protected.

To that extent, our Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP) finds, tracks, and exposes deforestation happening in near real-time across most of the Amazon, including in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.

We partner with other actors, governments, and nonprofits working in each of these countries to ensure efforts are not duplicated and all stakeholders are aligned in the protection of this vital forest.

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