Seven Species Added to Los Amigos Bird List

October 22, 2006

White chinned swift over the CICA clearing in September 2006: The first record for Madre de DiosIn August-September 2006, fieldwork at ACA Los Amigos research station by Drs. Joseph Tobias and Nathalie Seddon (Oxford University, UK) added seven new bird species to the Los Amigos list. The new species include the Whitebellied Seedeater (Sporophila leucoptera) and the Whitechinned Swift (Cypseloides cryptus).

Both of these sightings were documented with photographs, and represent the first records for the department of Madre de Dios, Peru. Indeed, there is no previous documented Peruvian record of the Seedeater, and the Swift is only known from a handful of specimens (mainly old records from the department of Puno, Peru). Their discovery is just another example of the vast biodiversity of Los Amigos yet to be explored.

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