Take Action to Build Climate Resilience for the Amazon

December 13, 2023

During this giving season, we ask you to help us as we urgently work to address the impacts of climate, deforestation, and social and environmental injustices impacting Indigenous peoples and other communities in the Amazon.

While we continue our vital work with many on-the-ground communities and organizations, local heroes are taking an active role in helping protect the Amazon and guide others to become climate resilient. Read these inspiring stories below about individuals who are making a big impact when it comes to emphasizing people-first, climate-smart, and science-based conservation solutions that enable local families and communities to more easily adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Manuel Lima

Many communities in the Amazon rely on local products for income, which is why it’s important that they integrate sustainable practices and learn to diversify their goods to improve the local forest-based economy and conserve their resources. Local leader and Brazil nut harvester Manuel Lima from the Porvenir community in Pando, Bolivia is a key representative of Brazil nut harvesters, helping to improve the production, economy, and market for Brazil nuts both regionally and nationally.

Support heroes like Manuel to continue training local producers about the impacts of climate change to become more climate resilient.


Pepe Torres

Our satellite monitoring program Monitoring of the Andes Program (MAAP) has tracked deforestation across various Indigenous territories and protected areas, both of which experience half the rate of deforestation as any other type of land.

To help keep these forests standing, individuals like Pepe Torres aim to provide training, staff capacity, technology, and legal support to local communities and individuals to defend their territory and maintain the health of the forest.

Read more about how your support can help people like Pepe make a difference in protecting the Amazon for future generations 


Abraham Pache Canchi

In a region with limited training, knowledge, and tools to prevent or combat fires that escape into forests, controlling fires is critical to minimize their damage to the greater forest and local communities. In response to ongoing droughts and illegal deforestation in the Beni Department in Bolivia, Abraham Pache Canchi, an Indigenous park guard is leading local fire prevention workshops to help local communities and governments be better prepared to swiftly respond to fires.

Learn more about how your support can help heroes like Abraham promote fire-free sustainable development

Take Action to Build Climate Resilience for the Amazon