Weaving a Better Future with Sustainability

December 22, 2006

Santusa Mamani and husband Nicolas Flores representing the Quico Community at HuancaroFrom June 26th trough 30th, members of the weavers association of the community of Quico participated in the VI Feria Internacional Huancaro 2006, celebrated in the Peruvian district of Santiago, Cusco. Quico is one of the eight traditional Quechua communities in the Q’eros Nation, and ACA has been supporting this community in efforts to generate income through the sales of weavings made with traditional patterns and natural dyes.

The Huancaro Fair provides an opportunity for these weavers to discuss techniques with others from around the region and most importantly, it brings new trade opportunities for isolated communities that could be otherwise forgotten.

Santusa Mamani, president of the association’s textile committee, husband Nicolas Flores and other fellow weavers organized a stand to promote their work and represent their community.

At the fair, members of the weavers association (Asociación de Tejedores de la Nación Q’ero) were able to network with national textile organizations and learn from their experiences. Now, they are directly informed about pricing tendencies, techniques, and marketing strategies to satisfy a broader public’s demands.

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