MAAP #78: Deforestation Hotspots in The Peruvian Amazon, 2017

February 5, 2018

As we begin a new year, we make an initial assessment of 2017, estimating deforestation hotspots in the Peruvian Amazon based on early warning alert data.*

Base Map (Image 78). Data: PNCB/MINAM, UMD/GLAD, SERNANP
Base Map (Image 78). Data: PNCB/MINAM, UMD/GLAD, SERNANP

We estimate the annual forest loss of 354,410 acres (143,425 hectares) across Peru in 2017. If confirmed, this total represents the lowest in 5 years (average of 394,600 acres since 2012), and a decrease of 13% from last year.**

Deforestation, however, is still widespread. The base map shows the most intense hotspots (areas with highest density of forest loss).

The two main deforestation areas are clearly seen: the central Amazon (Ucayali/Huánuco regions) and the southern Amazon (Madre de Dios). Also, there are several additional hotspots scattered throughout the country.

We present satellite images (slider format) of the most intense hotspots. The images reveal that the main deforestation drivers include gold mining, oil palm, and general agriculture (crops and livestock).

The hotspots detailed below are:

A. Central Amazon (Ucayali/Huánuco)
B. Southern Madre de Dios
C. Iberia (Madre de Dios)
D. Northeast San Martín
E. Nieva (Amazonas)