MAAP #116: Amazon Gold Mining, Part 2: Brazil

Base Map. Major gold mining deforestation zones across the Amazon. Data: MAAP.

We present the second part of our series on Amazon gold mining, with a focus on the Brazil*

Specifically, we focus on mining in indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon.

Extractive activities, such as gold mining, are constitutionally not permitted on indigenous lands, but the Bolsonaro administration is advancing a bill (PL 191) that would reverse this.

The Base Map indicates three Brazilian indigenous territories where we identified recent major gold mining deforestation:

  1. Munduruku (Pará)
  2. Kayapó (Pará)
  3. Yanomami (Roraima)

We documented the gold mining deforestation of 10,245 hectares (25,315 acres) across all three indigenous territories over the past three years (2017 – 2019). That is the equivalent of 14,000 soccer fields.

Below, see more detailed data, including a series of satellite GIFs of the recent gold mining deforestation in each territory.

*Part 1 looked at the Peruvian Amazon (see MAAP #115). For information on Suriname, see this report from Amazon Conservation Team. For all other countries see this resource from RAISG.