Statement of Solidarity from Amazon Conservation


Friends of the Amazon,

We are deeply saddened by the heartbreaking killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many other Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color that yet again expose the systemic racism and violence ingrained in our society. We kneel in solidarity with their families, the protesters, and all people fighting against discrimination and racial injustice in all forms and in all countries. 

Although our organization is focused on the conservation of the Amazon, we recognize that the continued centuries-long bias and these outrageous acts must be addressed by every organization, government, and individual for real change to happen. The events we are witnessing now serve as an urgent call to action for each one of us to play an active part in breaking down structural racism and cultural norms perpetuating the oppression and exclusion of People of Color, Indigenous communities, and other marginalized groups that continue to suffer every day. Our vision is to achieve a thriving Amazon, and we know that can only happen if people – every single one of us – are able to thrive as well. People should not be just surviving, as many oppressed communities have been forced to do, but truly thriving

We are thankful to those leading this movement and all allies who are working hard to lift up our nation and advocate for justice worldwide. All of us at Amazon Conservation, in Washington, DC, Peru, and Bolivia are with you in this fight.

– John Beavers and the team at Amazon Conservation